Those looking for extra income can make money from the comfort of their home. If you are an avid online gamer and want to try out a variety of games in your spare time, you can earn money as a hobby. To make money through online games, you need to know what opportunities you have.

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How to Make $36/hour Just PLAYING VIDEO GAMES (2020) | Make Money Online

Types and providers of online video games

You can earn money by following serious and appropriate methods. Different types of games are suitable for use, depending on your interests and skills. So, this overview should give you guidance and make it easy for you to choose a provider.


In Technical Games, you can learn about strategy games where skill and agility are important. Here you can play against real opponents, unlike the game of chance. Sometimes some games require a certain amount of luck, but in general, it depends on your talent. You can carefully free spin before placing your bets here. So, you can develop your first strategy and expand your strategy. In general, you can get real money here without betting in advance.

You have to place a bet to keep winning. The amount you can win depends on a number of factors. Depending on the size of your bet, skill level, investment time, and your opponent’s skill level, you can get up to 4 figures per month. However, if you only play online and are a beginner, the amount will be greatly reduced. However, this can be viewed as a considerable amount of pocket money.

There are mainly two recognized providers in the field of technical games.

  • GameDuell
  • M2P games

With these two, you will get a bonus of 10 euros when you register, there are many types of games, and many registered players can prove their skills.


E-sports, a way to make money online, should also be mentioned here. Of course, to become a pro player you must have different skills and requirements. It always depends on the game you want to play. Any game that allows you to measure yourself and compete with others has the potential of e-sports.

Individual games often require features such as hand and eye coordination and reaction speed. When work becomes important in a team, the ability to work in a team is of course important. Anyway, you need a comprehensive understanding of the game. If you want to make money as a professional player, you need to realize that daily training is also an important requirement. Of course, you can’t invest as much time as a full-time player, but just like you can develop your skills in a skill game, you have to invest here too.


You can also earn money as a game tester for new video games not yet launched in the market. Not because you saved money and beat your opponent, but because the company paid you money. If you want to become a game tester, you just need to know that you can’t play. Testers are responsible for identifying and finding errors in the game. It is important to filter out whether the game exposes vulnerable links and whether there are logic and task errors, or whether programming errors (errors) can be detected. To test the game, you need to use a testing tool that can be used to log errors immediately.

In most cases, income is paid every hour from 7 euros to 15 euros. To assist testers, you can usually find current job offers through the manufacturer’s website. There are also game portals and external service providers that provide such work.