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Family And Video Games | Numerous Tools For Playing With Peace Of Mind

Family and video games: many tools to play with peace of mind

Discovering, learning, creating, sharing, the video game has the ability to provide players with moments rich in emotions thanks to the diversity of titles aimed at all types of audiences. Whether it is helping each other with friends to win a game or being transported on an adventure as epic as it is fascinating, video games attract and fascinate. In this regard, supervised practice is necessary. To do this, many tools allow parents to master this activity and support their children in their discovery of video games, as highlighted in the brand new information campaign launched at the end of the year. Through a spot featuring various video game practices, the campaign reminds us that there are titles suitable for different age groups, but also that the time allotted to the game must be regulated. The opportunity to discover that many tools are available to parents to actively and simply guide their children in the discovery of their passion for video games. You can play During Sons Day with your family, Simple rules can make it easy for the whole family to enjoy video games.

Some simple rules for a serene video game practice

Choose a game suitable for the child’s age:
The campaign revisits the key role of PEGI signage, thanks to which parents can instantly verify that their children are engaged in titles whose content is perfectly suited to their age. A simple, explicit code that allows you to play with complete peace of mind.

Use parental controls:
Parental control systems are also highlighted through this campaign. All devices that allow playing include free systems to regulate the use of video games. The Pé site provides an exhaustive inventory of these systems and provides detailed user manuals for their installation on any device. Parents can thus be sure that their children are playing games that are suited to them, that they respect the time slots and playtime defined with them (in order to avoid possible overflows).

Supervise the playing time:
However, if parental controls make it possible to strictly and automatically regulate playtime, it remains essential for parents to discuss this subject with their children, as this awareness campaign also reminds us. Dialogue remains central. Parents and children discuss video games and their practice together; parents define the limits, children discuss their passion. Because the video game is shared, it is essential for a serene experience of video games in the home to understand how it works, to grasp the main trends, to apprehend the possible risks. Today, all video game players offer effective (and free) tools to allow players to cultivate their passion for video games in a positive way, under the benevolent gaze of their parents. Sometimes welcome help to supervise a hobby of passion, but also the opportunity for parents to discuss with their children or even to grab the controller to share unforgettable moments with them.

Many resources for parents

Thus, the Pé site intends to answer the main questions that parents ask themselves about video games. Game time, violence in video games integrated purchasing mechanics the site tackles a large number of subjects in a didactic way. In addition, PédaGoJeux reviews in detail the risks, but also certain advantages of the main games in which children play. A simple way to better understand titles like Fortnite, Overwatch, or League of Legends, to then engage in dialogue with his children. The collective hopes to help parents better understand the world of video games, their codes, their uses, and the many tools that exist to ensure serene activity within the home.


Why Play Video Games and Watch TV at the Same Time

Watching TV


I’ve been entering into GTA Online’s Overtime Shootout, which launched in the week. It’s very similar to Super Monkey Ball’s excellent minigame Monkey Target. Playing it gave me one of my most immediately satisfying moments of GTA yet as it is a more chilled version of GTA Online’s existing competitive Overtime Rumble.

It also only requires about one minute of your attention out of each ten, if you’re during a full server where everyone must take a turn. And that I love that. Right now, plenty of individuals are playing Overtime Shootout for the rationale I am: it’s paying out double experience and money.

I’m usually transitioned by grinding in games, but the commitment-to-payout ratio here is decent, plus Overtime Shootout is great fun when you’re actually playing. Whether or not you only have ammunition a game, you’ll earn $20,000 or $10,000 at the top, no matter the result. It is the simplest way to earn good money in GTA, a minimum of until the tip of today.

GTA Online is solving another problem: plenty of the TV I enjoy doesn’t require my full attention either, and it is only demanding such a little fraction of my time. Some shows do—The Handmaid’s Tale and therefore the Leftovers, for example—but Netflix’s Iron Fist? Well, it is a bit pants. I need to look at it before Marvel’s The Defenders starts next week so I do know what is going on, but I do not want to exclusively watch it.


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Overtime Shootout and control are therefore a curious match made in heaven: one minute of parachuting in a very car is followed by nine minutes of a deeply boring man fighting ninjas during a warehouse. Repeat, until bedtime. Perfect.

I expect more of you are doing this now than ever, but, unsurprisingly, I’m off from alone in enjoying IPTV on my second screen. By rewatching The West Wing on his second monitor, PC Gamer’s Phil Savage only survived reviewing boring MMOs like Firefall. People explained that they are doing this with various games after I asked them on Twitter if they enjoyed games while watching something on a second monitor. Anything that’s repetitive by necessity seems to be a decent match.

Second screen entertainment is one of the trendy ways within which we enjoy PC gaming. When games command your full attention with detailed worlds, systems, and stories, that’s great, but it is also nice to induce the foremost out of your precious spare time by multitasking.



Video Games And Fashion: Games Make Clothes

Because fashion always wants to send new signals, it is constantly thirsty on the lookout for new sources of inspiration. Fashion sucks this out of the current art and culture. Increasingly, for example, from the world of computer games, which offers huge creative potential with ever more sophisticated visual aesthetics, fantasies and techniques. Young designers and scientists confirm the trend. Computer games provide strong impulses for the fashion world. This is why some people use fashion write for us site to write articles on fashion for video games.

Fashion designers create clothes based on video games

The first generation of computer game users has grown up and brings the icons of their childhood onto the stage. They include the British fashion designer Giles Deacon, a former creative director at Gucci and Ungaro. He already had “Pac-Man” figures haunted his entire collection at London Fashion Week 2008. He dedicated all clothes and headgear to the point-eating little monster from the popular game. Swedish artist Per Fhager used motifs from the “Final Fantasy” and “Super Mario” games for large-format embroidered tapestries.

The strong visuals of computer games had a strong influence on the socialization of today’s thirty-year-olds. Computer games as a medium are as divergent as film.

Clothing that underlines the character

fashion write for us

Anyone who sees the models of the Bulgarian fashion designer duo “Demobaza” believes that they have characters from the game series “Assassin’s Creed” beamed into the future. The urban nomads, wrapped in several layers of cloth by Demo and Tono, embody real cyberpunk in their posture and outfit. “’Demobaza’ takes up less a concrete game than a visual code”. He analyzes the computer game artist Nadia Enis, who teaches illustration at the Berlin “School for Games”.

From their point of view, the interaction between digital games and fashion creates a new form of narrative and the role of clothing. As in the design of games, Demobaza’s clothing supports character. This is rather unusual for the fashion industry. The person, the character, takes a back seat here. But around Demobaza’s models, you can imagine a story, an action, you immediately see a street scene or a bar in front of you. Just like a game artist who focuses more on textures, Demobaza does not work with fabric samples, but with fibres and haptics.


Video Games Building Foundation Repair

There are several types of commercial building foundation repair.

Video game commercial building: Concrete scene as a way of repair and protectionfoundation repair in rockwall tx

One type of work that foundation repair in rockwall tx can do with the foundation is installing the scene. You can protect the basic design from the flow of water and its subsequent destruction. Together with waterproofing is an effective means of protection and repair. For its manufacture you need to perform several actions:

  • Erase the foundation for 5-6 centimetres from the ground, process the surface of the concrete and give a little dry. If possible, run with a construction hairdryer.
  • Stop the formwork
  • Pouring of concrete

Repairing the foundation of a brick video games commercial building

Make it easy on yourself in terms of constructive functions, but you have to work nicely. Consider the major stages of the major repairs to the foundation of a brick building.

You need to remove all of the soil to the depth of the foundation. Clean the walls from the ground, on mushrooms, plum concrete and other formations.

Drill through concrete through holes and place the bolt 18 mm every 40 cm in a chess order.

A good foundation is a key to the long-term operation of the building. So any foundation that is properly repaired can serve a long time.

In connection with the violation of technologies during installation, it turns into the smallest consequences, as a result of which the structure can be partially or completely destroyed.

Some problems may well be possible to resolve on their own, which will remove the aggravation of the situation.

Causes of the violation of the foundation of video game commercial buildings

All reasons that affect the destruction of grounds and foundations of video games commercial buildings are formally divided into 2 groups. The first implies the loss of carrier capabilities associated with the weakening of the soil that is supported for it. In the second case, this is a violation of the integrity of the structure itself. This is due to a uniform installation of poor quality or under the influence of negative factors that affect it more deeply.


Simple Ways to Generate Money while Playing Video Games

Playing video games like F95zone and making money are now possible these days. The thing is, it may be a little bit difficult to achieve. There are numerous people who follow this route and eventually give up since the work aspect is killing the fun. Rather than doing what they really love, they often end up hating it. Remember, for every success story, there are countless of other aspiring gamers who have tried and failed.

Making a living by playing a video game isn’t always the first option unless you are single, young and willing to devote years of your time without knowing whether it will be a success or not. In the next lines are some ways that you could do to earn money while playing video games.

Live Stream Your Game Play and Get Paid

Anyone could stream their gameplay in real-time for everyone else to see. Focus on building a big audience that can be monetized with ads. If not, then try to establish a loyal audience that you could monetize for subscriptions and donations. Right now, the most popular platform among gamers is Twitch but there are other options available too like YouTube.

Getting Started

Luckily, to start your journey here, all you have to do is to ensure you have good games that people would love to watch, a decent computer, a cool personality and of course, your streaming software.

See to it that your internet’s upload speed is fast enough to prevent any lags while you are streaming.

Review Games

Do you consider yourself as a writer? Either you launch your own blog or join an existing site and write reviews, news as well as interviews for specific games. If writing for an existing site is what you prefer, then you could be paid per article as a freelancer. On the other hand, if you are planning to start your own blog, then you may monetize the traffic with ads, subscriptions or anything similar.

Do Tutorials and Guides

A lot of newbies are fond of reading guides on the game they are playing, particularly for PVP and multiplayer games.


Netflix Developed a Passion for Video Game Development

While Netflix has inspired small streaming companies such as Watched APK (Rokkr), the company is now looking at new avenues of entertainment. At the moment, they are focusing on the gaming development avenue.

A strategy that Arte does not follow: “We want to offer innovative creations that are adapted to digital use,” says Gilles Freissinier. The main thing is to support smaller studios in the production and edition of their games in a gaming scene that is dominated by US and Asian corporations so that European productions with concise, innovative perspectives and stories are available to a large audience to deliver.

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You can now refer to a catalog of ten games, mainly playable on the computer – but also, like the recently released “Unmaze” as a mobile game on the smartphone or like “Vectronom” with Nintendo Switch. All are available through various large gaming platforms such as Steam, Playstation, the Apple Store or Google Play.

Competition pressure is growing

It is not yet known in what form Netflix will offer its games – as online stream, for download, also on other platforms. It seems certain, however, that in the long term only a dedicated platform with sufficiently exclusive content can meet the company’s goals mentioned at the beginning.

Google, Apple and Microsoft have already invested in their own game subscription offers, one of the most popular is Apple Arcade. So while the streaming competition at Amazon Prime is buying Hollywood studio MGM, the next investment at Netflix may be a game production company or studio that delivers its own content.

The number of subscriptions is not increasing as expected

Netflix’s announcement could also be related to the subscription numbers presented in the quarterly report: The number of new customers of the streaming service is lower than ever before – only 1.5 million were gained, the total number of subscriptions rose 209 million worldwide.

Netflix is ​​suffering from its own success: especially in the USA, since the pandemic year 2020 at the latest, the younger target groups in particular have largely subscribed. Attempts are now being made to specifically attract older people to the service, but an expansion of the offer to include games could also convince those who are still undecided in the previous target groups.

Gaming is the pandemic winner

“Video games profited the most during the lockdown period,” confirms Gilles Freissinier: “Not just Fortnite or Animal Crossing – we were able to record 400,000 more downloads than before with our game ‘Homo Machina’, which was released in spring 2020.”

The high number of hits with the first game “Type: Rider”, published in 2013, showed that the games could reach a whole new audience who had not yet come into contact with Arte.

Success has to be evident in the long term

The start into the gaming business for Netflix is ​​therefore very promising – a combination of film and series offers and video games has been tried and tested for many years. The question remains whether Netflix will be able to offer convincing game content in the long term and whether the expansion of the offer can actually be reflected in a concrete increase in users.


Debunking Gamer Stereotypes

These days, most parents are cautious of video games and do not want these things to be part of their children’s lives because they feel that it will negatively affect their children’s academic performance. The problem is that it’s all too easy for people to believe and conclude that those who merely enjoy computer or video games, wherein the theme is all about killing and winning, will develop a harmful proclivity for brutality that will soon corrupt their minds.

What people do not know is that video games have been shown to boost attentiveness, inventiveness, retention, language skills, and cooperation. In fact, some people claimed that after they watched others play video games, they found comfort in it and this helped relaxed their minds. Because of the function it can do in mood regulation and restoration, playing video games have a strong impact on our welfare. This is due to the fact that successful games involve players in a way that satisfies their emotional requirements as individuals. It gives you a sense of independence, aptitude and connectedness. You are able to improve your social skills. You are also able to make your own decisions. If you think about it, these skills are very helpful if we apply it correctly in our daily lives. Truly, it has many benefits too. It is unfair to blame computer and video games for humanity’s absence of awareness. Sometimes, the problem is not because of these games but on how the parents bring up and discipline their children. These stereotypes should stop and people should be more open-minded that not all gamers are negative, anti-social and violent in real life. Not all gamers are bizarre and hermits. You would be shocked to know that some gamers even use gaming as a way to spend quality time with their family and friends.

Just like everything else, too much of anything is really bad. With that being said, computer and video games should not be an obsession and one should know when to stop playing to prioritize other things that are much more important. Moderation is key.


The Advantages of Online Gaming Communities

Friends Playing PC Games


Enter the fashionable gamer – connected to gaming communities like f95 zone through an array of digital social tools built right into the system, with those who share identical passions.

Evident by the breadth of research on the subject of game-based social interactions, many health sciences, and knowledge technology experts nearly always point to a Psychological Sense of Community (PSOC) that’s present in both old and new types of gaming.

Level Skip points to a joint survey by Pew center and therefore the MacArthur Foundation on the cooperative nature of console games. Two-thirds of the young gamers they surveyed said that they play video games as some way to socialize with friends and family face-to-face, including the chance to debate game strategies for either competitive or cooperative play – ultimately some way to boost young people’s conversation skills. And indeed, similar to any group action, games are a good excuse to interact with other humans over a shared interest, irrespective of age, race, or background.


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This is actually what gaming communities are all about. Whether you’re trying to search out the most effective strategies for PUBG Battle Royale, trying to find the simplest RPG or action games on mobile, or want to be the simplest Dungeon Master you’ll be able to be, we’re the web social network you’re trying to find. The goal is to induce you to play the games that may give you the simplest experiences that supported your personal goals and preferences – through engaging with a live and evolving gaming community that shares your passions.

Other than providing both young and old gamers lots of opportunities to earn a paycheck via their skill in a very popular game, the burgeoning communities around Esports allow even more people to participate within the joy of healthy competition. Nick Murphy’s Esports orientate Ladbrokes sheds some light on just how large this community has become, with tens of thousands of players competing in tournaments worldwide. Meanwhile, the favored game streaming site Twitch now boasts 299 million viewers, with expert estimates saying that the quantity could balloon to 427 million worldwide by 2019, because of Esports.

Gaming has come a protracted way from its dark, dank, Mountain Dew-addled days on the stained couch in your parents’ old basement. Today, that basement has been remodeled into a sleek, air-conditioned, and connected recreation room.



Benefits of Playing Video Games

Playing video games are frequently dismissed as main activity for couch potatoes or for the unsophisticated. But little did people know is many of the common facets of its simulated world provide real-world benefits. Whether it is figuring out Roblox music codes, unlocking a puzzle, playing RPG and whatnot, video game benefits are for adults and children.

Improves Manual Dexterity

Games that are controller-based are good for the hands. In a certain study that involves a group of surgeons, researchers discovered that those who are playing video games were actually faster when it comes to executing advanced procedures and committed 37% fewer mistakes compared to those who did not. Special video games have been recommended too as a physical therapy among victims of stroke to regain their control of wrists and hands.

Increases Gray Matter of the Brain

Indeed, gaming is a workout for the mind that brings loads of fun too. Studies showed that playing video games can boost gray matter in our brain and later, boost brain connectivity. Gray matter is important for it’s linked with memories, muscle control, spatial navigation and perception.

Improves Social Skills

People who play video games are being stereotyped as being timid and shy. That they are using the simulated world as an escape to the real world. But in reality, it’s not what average gamers look like.

Past studies involving children learned that those who are playing video games more are likely to develop exceptional social skills, build better and strong relationships among peers and perform remarkably well on their academics.

Better Problem-Solving Skills 

Multi-level games, mission-based and open world are all designed similar to complex puzzles that demand hours to solve. In some cases, the solution will vary depending on the player’s action in the game they’re playing. Being able to know how to think on your own and create strategy in a fast-paced simulated environment is a skill translatable to the real world.

Promote Physical Activity

A lot of major gaming consoles are now equipped with the technology to get players off of their feet. This is possible with the integration of VR games and literally took whole gaming experience to a different height.


Useful Tips For PowerPoint Video Games Slides

New products, solutions, and services regarding video games are mostly presented with the help of PowerPoint. Check out the best google slides templates in order to make successful PowerPoint slides.

Video games slide presentations tip 1: Helpful keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl-Z = undo last command

F4 = repeat last command

For example, you mark an element on the video games slide and assign the color red as the fill color. If you then click on another object and press F4, the other object will also be filled in red. In contrast to the “brush”, i.e. transferring format, only the color is changed. With the brush, all properties are always transferred.

Video games slide presentations tip 2: Align elements to guidelines

Elements on the film can be precisely aligned with 100% using the guidelines.

google slides templates

Switching on/off: Alt-F9 switches the guidance lines on and off. Elements on the slide can be aligned with the guidelines.

Moving the guideline: If you want to change the guideline, click on the guideline with the left mouse button, keep the mouse button pressed and wait until the cursor changes to a double arrow. Then you can move the leader line.

Copy guideline: If you want to have several guidelines on the slide, press the CTRL key and then click again with the left mouse button on a line and drag in the desired direction with the mouse button pressed.

Delete a leader line: Simply drag the leader line outside of the slide.

Video games slide presentations tip 3: Slide show mode

To start a presentation in screen mode, you can use the F5 key. Then the presentation starts on the first slide. If you want to start the slide show from the current slide, press Shift-F5.

Once the presentation has started, you can easily switch the screen to black by pressing b (= black) on the keyboard. The black can be canceled again with any key. Alternatively, white is also an option. To do this, simply press w (w = white).

If you want to jump within the slide show, you can simply type in the slide number on the keyboard and confirm with ENTER.

Video games slide presentations tip 4: Include videos

To do this, simply go to INSERT – Film and Sound – Film from file – and then select the appropriate film file. Then click on play automatically. WMV and MPG are particularly suitable as film formats. Difficulties may arise with other formats. If you want, you can then easily change the size of the video by dragging the corners of the video to enlarge it, as you would with pictures.


7 Things That Made Twitch The Best Game-Streaming Service



Huge numbers of people on a monthly basis are flowing watching and on Twitch. With so many users, you might express that Twitch is kinda a big thing. However, do many men and women love Twitch?

What’s Twitch really Popular?

Twitch is a favorite for these key reasons: Twitch is staged live, Twitch broadcasts a few ESports contests, Twitch is interactive so that there are entertaining streamers that you are able to participate in a community, so you are able to learn how to improve in a match from watching the others, a huge assortment of games to see, a huge assortment of articles not associated with gaming and last but not least it includes content creators the possibility to generate money doing exactly everything they want.

There are other reasons, however, all these are the key explanations. Now let’s dip into several of the principal reasons Twitch is popular.

  1. Twitch is staged dwell

One of the chief items that put Twitch besides different programs is it is streamed live. Streaming live is really cool since it gets the ability between your streamer along with the audience far more real.

Some reason that the ability becomes more accurate is really basically because streamers could communicate and socialize with their audiences in real time as opposed to responding to your comment a week after.

Whenever you’re seeing someone dwell it’s literally like you’re there using them. It’s quite interactive and individuals enjoy this. It’s really a wonderful way to pass the time, especially when people flow IRL. Streaming IRL frequently gets the viewer feel as they are there in real time and that’s simply trendy.

Live-streaming is flourishing in reputation, also Twitch function as a biggest live-streaming system out there there was certainly a thing which increases Twitch’s popularity.

2. Delivers the Chance to Earn Money doing exactly what you adore

Just how a lot of folks may say that they love the things they do to the work? 1 large reason people flow to Twitch will be always to use and make money doing exactly what they love. Just how a lot of folks can say that they have paid to play video games? Sounds pretty interesting?

However, Twitch isn’t all games. As I said, you will find a lot of folks doing different activities including dancing and art on Twitch who create a good income doing this.

It could take the time flowing until you’re in a place to generate a full-time revenue flowing on Twitch, however, Twitch supplies you the chance to achieve that. And an opportunity is some folks will need to get it.

3. Huge Choice of matches to observe

1 thing which puts Twitch aside from additional live streaming programs could be the massive assortment of matches being streamed over this stage. Again, with countless streamers that you have tens of tens if not tens of thousands of thousands of matches being streamed each month.

Personally, I have yet to obtain a game that isn’t being streamed in Twitch. I’ve seen people streaming Mario 64 on Twitch!

No matter game you’re considering that moment, and on occasion even in the event that you’re working to relive any of one’s glory days being a gamer, then Twitch gets got the very best potential for experiencing the match that you’re searching for.


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4. Twitch is lively

Twitch being interactive is one more thing that makes the stage popular. As I mentioned earlier in the day, as Twitch is staged live, it’s possible to chat with others in real moments. That you never need to comment and days or weeks to get answered too.

Since the flow is live, it is also possible to view your streamers a reaction from exactly what it’s that you state. If you find something funny, or some trendy, you may see their reaction in real-time.

That is cool since it makes it feel to be a genuine dialog. In smaller flows, you should have more chances to speak with streamers, and streamers for audiences, since there are fewer people and not as happening therefore that it really is a lot simpler to handle.

Lots of these alarms may also be very interactive. Most streamers have alarms for matters such as follows, subs along contributions. Many individuals prefer to observe cool cartoons and thus they contribute or sub solely for the attentive.

Last, Twitch enables you to connect to other audiences on the station through discussion. There are a few fantastic communities available and all these communities are a fantastic way to meet people who have similar interests.

5. Being a part of a neighborhood

Together with countless users, Twitch can be a superb place to obtain Twitch followers and a community to become part of. If you enjoy cooking, then you will find communities to you personally. If you want to play games, then there are communities for you personally. If you want painting, then you will find communities for you personally.

Nearly anything which you may consider, it is possible to come across a residential area built around that niche. Incidentally, if you’re seeking to create a niche of one’s then have a look at my post.

Being a part of a residential district is trendy. At these various communities, you’re ready to meet and befriend individuals who have similar interests and passions. If you keep in a residential district enough these communities could act as to be an online friend-zone you have.

Communities on Twitch are amazing, with all these individuals using Twitch, you’ll remember to come across a location where you really truly feel as though you belong.

6. Streamers which are amusing

If you’re seeking entertainment, afterward Twitch has lots of this for you personally. You will find huge numbers of men and women streaming to Twitch daily and thus you’re bound to get what you want. No matter game, and also perhaps even the personality of this streamer, I promise you which one may readily locate a streamer which you prefer and are going to require to abide by.

And the very best portion of owning so many alternatives, in the event you get tired of just one streamer, then you could always go into a different station. There’s not any deficiency of superior streamers around Twitch.

7. Twitch broadcasts a few E-Sports contests

1 neat thing about Twitch is which they flow more or less any ESport contest which you may consider. By Fortnite, to Madden, to League of Legends (LOL). It may be available on Twitch. I play with Brawl Stars on my mobile every now and then and the tiny tournaments that they need for that cellular match have been all streamed on Twitch.

If you’re right to E-Sports, as a growing number of folks are those days, afterward Twitch is an excellent spot that you really go to see the greatest contests for any game you’re in.

Some of those huge events have thousands and thousands of audiences all pruning into Twitch to see the competitions. Quite often, Twitch will be the sole platform streaming case therefore this just will help Twitch to grow in reputation.



Young Children And Adults Are Into Computer Games | YouTube

There are at least 665,000 unique gaming channels on YouTube, streaming live on a daily, or weekly basis. This is a huge number. All of these channels are hitting it big and gaining more subscribers each day. Plus there are also hundreds of subscribers who are downloading and converting (convert YouTube to MP4 with clipconverter) these videos on a daily basis.

Most letsplayers have specialized in one subject, such as “Grand Theft Auto 5”, “Call of Duty” or “FIFA 17”, or more precisely: the FIFA Ultimate Team trading card phenomenon. This alone distinguishes YouTube very clearly from the live streaming top dog Twitch, where eSports titles such as “League of Legends”, “Dota 2” or “Hearthstone” dominate.

Still the most popular YouTube game: the all-time favorite “Minecraft”. Around half of the letsplay channels with the greatest reach in Europe and the United States deal exclusively or predominantly with Minecraft.

YouTube: Most streamed games on the platform – Minecraft still at the top

In addition to the videos, Minecraft was also the most streamed game on YouTube . Unfortunately, YouTube did not provide any figures for this category. However, it can be seen that Roblox has been kicked out of the top 5 , while PUBG Mobile has moved into the top 5 . It is also exciting to see that mobile games on YouTube are becoming more and more popular. In addition to PUBG Mobile , Garena Free Fire could also be found twice in the upper part of the list. Only recently driftedDr Disrespect continued to raise the controversy over mobile games and poured fuel on the fire.

All of these numbers are certainly impressive, but the fact that Minecraft has 40% of all views of the remaining top 5 puts the icing on the cake. The game is also popular on all sides in the German scene . Every now and then, many great German YouTubers join forces on large projects in Minecraft , such as Craft Attack or the VARO , which is loved by fans , and thus achieve good views. If you are also interested in who the top 10 YouTubers were in 2020 , take a look at our list.



Tired And Stressed With Your Move – Play A Video Game

Moving to a new home can be a very exciting event in one’s life, whether it’s for a new job opportunity, for a different scenery, or for other personal reasons. However, relocating can be tiring and stressful as well with all the packing, transporting, and unpacking that you need to do.

Hire A Reliable Mover For A Stress-Free Move

Thankfully, there are reliable movers in your area, such as local moving company orange county ca, that you can hire to help you in your move. When hiring the full services of a professional moving company, they help you with the inventory, packing, transporting and the unpacking of your belongings into your new home. And if you’re looking for a storage facility, some provide such service as well where they offer a secure, climate controlled and supervised storage area to make certain your belongings are protected and safe.

If you want to have a quick, hassle-free and stress-free moving experience, your best option is to hire an experienced moving company. Not only will your move be smooth but you also keep your belongings safe and intact. So, when in orange county, check out local moving company orange county ca for your moving or storage needs.

Take A Break, Play A Video Game And Lessen Stress

While a reliable moving company can greatly help you with your move, you will still feel some stress and exhaustion especially when you begin unpack your things and put all of your belongings to where they should go. When you feel exhausted and stressed, have a break and give time for your body and mind to rest. One way to do this is to play some video games.

According to many studies, playing video games can be a great way to relive stress. To better understand how this activity can reduce stress levels, let’s have a look at some of the ways playing video games influence our minds.

  • Video games are undoubtedly engaging, entertaining and enjoyable which drops stress levels.
  • When playing video games, dopamine is released making you feel good and happy.
  • Video games present sets of challenges wherein you are rewarded when you are able to solve them, leading to feelings of accomplishment and competence.
  • Gaming can bring about a flow state, something that is comparable to meditation.
  • Certain video games can be a channel for you to express your creativity, which can be beneficial to the brain.


“American Truck Simulator” Game Celebrated Its 5th Anniversary

Last Feb. 02, the makers of “American Truck Simulator’ (ATS) celebrated the video game’s 5th anniversary, by adding new chassis options for all current trucks. To provide ATS fans insights about the new update, a 5th Anniversary Live-Stream was rolled out to showcase the new chassis options.

Since the time the game was released in 2016, ATS gamers have driven their trucks in 9 simulated U.S States, choosing from 7 major truck brands and via 13 downloadable contents (DLC’s).

The anniversary live-stream rolled out at Twitch, Youtube, and Steam to which ATS fans were able to celebrate by way of games held during the eve of the ATS 5th year celebration.

The game has a huge audience as it has inspired many to become real-life truck drivers, which helps the industry from having a continuing source of future drivers. Many are excited over the upcoming addition of 4×2, 8×6, and 8×2 chassis as these are the types utilized for various kinds of trailers.

About the Truck Driving Simulation Game

SCS Software the maker of American Truck Simulator creates adventure games that allow players to virtually experience driving huge trucking rigs across the country. Actually, truck driving is not the only experience that ATS gamers came to love about the game because the driving adventure is also business goal-oriented.

Players can get hauling contracts and start loading their tractor-trailer and get paid well in the game. The game initializes by opening up a big transportation company in just hours. In order to “succeed” in attaining their business goals, players must drive safely and avoid traffic violations and accidents when in the process of delivering cargo. To ensure the goods will be delivered in good condition and on time, the driver-business operators must make important and smart economic decisions.

According to SCS Software’s CEO Pavel Sebor, their game designers worked hard to mimic the physical forces truck operators experience when driving an 18-wheeler truck. Furthermore environments are presented in realistic-looking graphics, traffic simulation and detailed 3D truck models. The game also follows the rules of the road to promote safe driving and at the same time, encourages experimentation and exploration.

Using Google Street View, designers were able to easily and accurately add reference points and landmarks.

About the Company Behind the ATS

SCS Software is a Czech company that is known for their simulation games, which mimic real life activities, particularly truck driving. The company has already received an award from EuroTra, for encouraging the advantages of education and of training future truck operators

As a matter of fact, American Truck Simulator isn’t even the most popular of SCS’ simulator games, because its European version, Euro Truck Simulator 2, still ranks as the top performing game. Nonetheless, American Truck Simulator has sold more than 2 million copies by way of Steam alone.

The first edition of the game brought adventure challenges that covered only the roads, landscapes and landmarks in California and Nevada. Today’s skilled ATS gamers must now know how it feels towing san jose, california’s illegally parked and abandoned cars,


Fun Classic Skateboard games

There’s loads of excitement available with different skateboarding video games. A number of the professionals give themselves to those matches. You’re able to carry out the moves and tips of your favourite skateboarders inside them. This is an enjoyable source of entertainment that the whole family can enjoy. It’s also fun when it’s too late or that the weather is too terrible that you take part in the actual thing. Online, you can always see more info on these games in the web.

It had been known as Skate or Die and has been used on the Atari in Addition to the ancient Nintendo. The game was quite popular on account of the range of individuals who could play simultaneously up to eight people. The drawback is that just five occasions were showcased that players might easily master soon after buying this specific video game.

Thus you should not be amazed to find him in most of those video games. In reality, you will find Tony Hawk skateboarding games to select from. You would like to cautiously research them to get the one with all the moves and suggestions that give you the most. The simple fact that they’re created from many house gaming consoles is a plus too.

Evolution Skateboarding premiered in 2002. There are loads of popular professional skateboarders in this movie game. This specific video game provides lots of thrilling experiences for players to share in. You need to master particular elements of this sport however before you can move on to research others.

One skateboarding video game which didn’t do really well in 2002 was that the Simpsons Skateboarding. Although a lot of men and women love the series and that Bart rides a skateboard this specific game simply was not well made. Frequent complaints include the images are terrible and it had been difficult to use the controls to produce the numerous moves in the match.

Disney took benefit of this delight of skateboarding video games also. In 2003 they published another known as Disney Sports Skateboarding.

The costs for skateboarding video games will be different. The new releases will cost you more than the ones that are in the marketplace for some time. You are able to find lots of used ones also. They may be bought at video game shops and online auction websites. This is a superb way to bring a few of those terrific video games into your group. The simple fact that a number have excellent sounds and images actually bring the skateboarding procedure to life for you. 

In case you haven’t researched the different skateboarding video games on the market, you’re really missing out. They give hours of pleasure and the majority of them have lots of distinct levels. It is possible to begin out with the simple ones and continue to make it even more difficult so as to challenge your self. This way you do not get bored with the sport . Do not fret about needing to experience those reduced levels over and over though. Using a memory card it is simple to begin these games in which you would like to.


The Amazing Benefits of Playing Video Games in the House

Complicated, difficult, and grand, video games have come a long way since the basic arcade names of the 1970s—and proof is rising that the advantages of play go well above the performance and enhanced hand-eye coordination. In celebration of National Video Game Day, below are some of the ways games are processing greater people.

1. VIDEO GAMES ARE Building More helpful SURGEONS.

Even though may think you need your surgeon to read up on the most notable medical study rather than playing games, you might need to review: a study of laparoscopic (small incision) professionals discovered that people who worked for more than three hours per week made 32 percent lesser mistakes through practice procedures in comparison to their non-gaming matches.

2. VIDEO GAMES COULD Aid individuals fight DYSLEXIA.

Some study points to concentration problems as being an essential element of dyslexia. One study has discovered dyslexics increased their reading understanding following sessions of games huge on action.


Since particular genres of games compensate and motivate management traits—providing for “communities,” obtaining their safety, etc.—researchers have remarked that players can perform a correlating impulse in their real-world career goals. Inventing in a game can also lead into being faster on your feet when an office emergency crops up.


Several games utilize real actual experiences to support their stories. Those roles and places can then spark a kid’s enthusiasm in finding more about the experience they’re involved in, as per the researchers.


While some games prefer a whole-body level of communication, even those needing a basic handheld controller can result to exercise. Sports games that include basketball, tennis, or even skateboarding can result in kids following those same skills outside. Even if they are just inside the house with proper roofing from roofing contractor frederick md.


Also known as “brain games” relating problem-solving, memory, and puzzle elements have been believed to have a great advantage on older players. In one study, just 8 hours of play resulted to improved cognitive behavior in members 50 and older—an enhancement that continued for many years.


Can Car Racing Games Improve Your Defensive Driving Skills?

While modern vehicles are typically reliable and durable, still there are a number of things that could still go wrong with your automobile. Having to deal with these types of circumstances can certainly be unnerving and annoying, not to mention wreck your entire day.

Choosing A Reliable Towing Company

Fortunately, there are towing companies in every city that work 24/7 to assist motorists who are having car troubles. A reliable towing company, such as the towing company san jose, will definitely help save the day by taking your broken-down car to a car mechanic or auto shop nearby.

When on the road, it is crucial to be prepared since you might encounter car troubles or breakdowns at any time. It is then essential that you always ready yourself, which includes knowing the best towing company in your area that you can contact in case of such emergencies or unexpected car trouble situations.

There are numerous benefits to choosing a reliable towing company such as towing company san jose, hence it is important that you choose well. Among the advantages are the following:

  • Quick response time
  • Round the clock availability of towing service
  • Proper licenses, certifications and insurance
  • Proper care in handling your automobile
  • Professional and responsible services

Car Racing Games Can Improve Your Driving Skills

Although a towing company is of great help, it is best to carry out preventive measures to avoid car troubles or breakdowns. Apart from doing routine car maintenance, it is also crucial that you be a responsible driver and strive to improve your driving skills. There is evidence that car racing games and other car-related video games could actually develop your driving skills over time. Let’s have a look at how:

Racing Games Workouts Your Brain

Our brain makes sense of what we see which affects our choices when we are behind the wheel. In order for us to make sound decisions, our brain has to function well and accurately. Among the things that are develop are our spatial attention, tracking ability, hand-eye coordination, focus and concentration, and our ability to process speed, which are all imperative when driving.

Promote Defensive Driving

While driving instructors can help build-up your driving skills, car racing games can help hone them and also strengthen your defensive driving skills and techniques. For instance, car racing games and other car related video games can test your capability to retain a safe distance from other cars as well as dodge serious collisions.


Car And Driving Knowledge You Learn From And Video Games

When looking for car parts and accessories online, it is always best to first do your research. With the range of car parts and products online as well as the multitude of businesses offering just about the same products and services, you might have a bit of a hard time deciding which to go for. Thankfully, there are dedicated websites that provide very informative product reviews and buying guides in order to help consumers find the best product and service they are looking for in the market.

Buying Car Parts And Products Online – Do Your research

When it comes to car parts, accessories and other products related to automobiles, you can visit The website has a variety of reviews and guides that will definitely help you make an informed purchasing decision. From the best bicycle rack for cars, car seat for children, seat belts for dogs, to the top car shampoo and car wax to keep your car pristine-looking, is a good place to begin your research.

Owning a car means making certain you do routine check up and maintenance, which means you also have to ensure your car parts and accessories you purchase are durable, compatible and of course functional, making research an important process so you won’t end up with substandard or malfunctioning car parts and accessories.

Driving Knowledge You Can Learn From Car-related Video Games

However, before you even own a car, you have to learn to drive, and when you already know how to drive, you need to improve your driving skills and abilities so that you as well as others on the road, like your passenger and pedestrians, to remain safe. For many drivers, their driving skills and knowledge about being on the road aren’t only a result of practice but also from playing video games. Indeed, there are certain things that car-related video games can teach you when it comes to driving. Let’s have a look at some:

  • Smart driving saves you lots of money
  • Stay focused when driving
  • Remain on the road and stay on your lane
  • Drive a car that you are most comfortable with
  • Know when to have a break especially when driving long hours
  • Prepare your car ahead of time for a safe and fun drive


Wildlife Preservation And Conservation In Video Games

When wildlife, such as bats, raccoons, and squirrels, get into residential properties and aren’t removed promptly, they can get too comfortable, create their nests, breed, become an infestation and cause expensive damage to your home and property. Furthermore, they can also carry and spread unwanted diseases which can be detrimental to your health and other members of your family.

Dealing With Wildlife

If and when you discover wildlife in your property, it is best to contact a wildlife removal professional in your area, such as so that can deal with the situation and the animals with utmost caution and care. Furthermore, you can learn a thing or two from them as to how to make certain that they don’t return to your home.

While wildlife can be an irritation and cause damage, a lot of them are essential and play a crucial role in the ecosystem. For instance, many bat species, although they look scary, are vital in pollinating as well as dispersing seeds of numerous plants which are imperative to people. In fact, the population of bats is a major natural sign of the health of our environment.

With climate change and the destruction of the environment, a lot of wildlife seek food and shelter in residential and commercial properties. Sadly, some people are even unaware of the destruction they cause which not only affect animals but people too. But thankfully, there are people and industries that take steps and efforts to spread awareness about wildlife and the environment.

Teaching Wildlife And Environmental Conservation And Preservation Through Video Games

When the bush fires in December 2019 raged across Australia, Space Ape video game players extended their concern and how they could help. The company promptly place an in-game purchase to numerous of its video game titles, wherein all the profits went to humanitarian or wildlife charities in the area.

On the other hand, other smaller video game creators develop video games that actually spread awareness on wildlife and environmental preservation and conservation. From video games exploring the oceans, the forest, video games showing the significance of bees and taking care of animals and of course the environment. This goes to show that video games aren’t only for entertainment but for educating as well.


Why You need Cleaning Equipment for your Tank

Any market, whatever it creates or produces, has a massive tank in its own grounds. Tanks are often used as storage chambers, however, various businesses have various applications for them. It seems plain but it really isn’t so easy. Huge tanks are tough to wash and you examine them can make you wonder just how cleanup such a massive thing gets possible. Well, people need technical help when performing the cleanup, as they can not wash these huge containers .

Tanks have to be cleaned frequently due to a lot of factors. Among the apparent reasons is for maintenance functions. Tanks have to be kept to make sure they continue long enough to their function to be used to the max. Bad equipment upkeep may result in equipment failure which interrupts industrial surgeries.

Another reason tanks, whether mixing or storage tanks, ought to be cleaned would be to make them appropriate for the purpose they were created. During instances of altering the kind of merchandise being stored or transported from the container, cleaning becomes an important aspect. What’s more, it’s the ethical obligation of the production plant to maintain its centre and all of the gear inside in proper working order.

From the food and drink business, tank cleanup is much more suitable because of higher need for sanitation, for the security of the customers who receive the products.

Nonetheless, in various places, tank cleaning is of utter significance which getting it done and do it suitably are two distinct things. In chemical plants and oil sectors, tank cleaning helps to ensure that enormous containers are acceptable for carrying large quantities of oil or substances. Tanks used for storage of materials will need to be totally washed to prevent contamination.

Thus, many businesses invest on gear for tank cleaning to help them in doing the center upkeep and cleaning. Usually, individual dexterity would not be a fit to the magnitude of several industrial containers that are generally situated in regions quite hard for people to do cleaning operations.

Automated tank cleaning gear works like irrigation . For periodic cleaning, there’s available mobile cleaning equipment and these are broadly used by a number of manufacturers. On the flip side, tanks which will need to be cleaned regularly can have fixed gear installed in them.

Producers of those parts of tank cleaning equipment has obtained much benefit on technologies to produce versions which could clean a major tank, even a hundred feet broad that are generally found in petroleum refineries and plants in which tanks are often as large as two hundred feet (200 feet ).

These cleaning machines really are not any basic tools, since they’ve built in apparatus to present cleaning fluids or agents in varying pressures, from marginally higher than atmospheric pressure to exceptionally substantial pressures, based upon the tank being washed.

Tank cleaning needs to only be accomplished by a trained practitioner [ ] and can’t be accomplished by any individual even when they have the necessary tools and gear. Precautions are critical in cases of performing cleaning operations in tanks using poisonous chemicals to prevent dangers.


The Strike of the Seven Fists Monk – Diablo 3 Patch 2.3

The Strike of the Seven Fists Monk with the Uliana Set is currently the front runner among the monk builds for Diablo 3 Patch 2.3 and perfect for large nephalem portals.

2.3 Monk Build “Fists of Fire” – Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls PTR

Interested in Diablo 2 Runes? Check out


Released not so long ago with Diablo 3 Patch 2.3, the new Uliana set establishes the cool monk skill Strike of the Seven Fists together with Exploding Hand as the new standard for successful ranked play in the Great Rifts.

The Strategy

In order to get the most out of the build, you always try to attack as large groups of opponents as possible and at the same time involve stragglers in the fight using a “hit and run” tactic with a frenzied attack. When the monsters are gathered, you automatically apply Exploding Hand and the Assimilation damage buff using the Path of the Hundred Fists Triple Attack. Finally, you unleash a devastating blow of the seven fists, which with the support of the legendary Gungdo rails automatically spreads and ignites threatening doom in the monster pack.

While the Seven Fists Strike is your primary source of damage and should always be used after the cooldown time has expired, it is very important to cast Path of the Hundred Fists at least every 5 seconds to remove the two damage buffs from the Bastion of Will ring set. Repeat this skill rotation until the Trash or Elite pack is dead, but always keep an eye on the maximum area damage and always move on to the next pack.

On the defensive side, try to keep the Desert Shroud of Revelation and Furious Fast of Furious Attack buffs as good as possible. When the going gets tough, her mantra of the rapture activates the agility buff by casting spells again for additional toughening.

The Equipment

The basis of the strike of the Seven Fists Monk is formed by the six parts of the Uliana set and one of the two fist weapons used here, the lion’s claw. It was introduced in Season 4 and has been optimized for the Strike of the Seven Fists. On the other hand, you use The Fist of Az’Turrasq, which greatly increases the damage done by Exploding Hand’s death explosion. The second major component of this build is the Bastion of Will ring set. With its independent multiplier of 2.25, the set is unrivaled in terms of damage amplification, if its two partial buffs through timely use of Way of the Hundred Fists and the seven fists blow are kept permanently active.

Interested in more exciting computer and video games? Watch out for our future posts!