Gambling or playing video games is not just a pastime. In play situations, children build up all of the basic skills that they later need for an active and self-determined life.

Pest control

Parents and educators do the best school preparation. Science is also researching it with astonishing results. The optimal educational support for five to seven-year-olds is not working at school, but playing activity. Whether at home or in school, it is important to ensure a pest-free playing environment. For garden or house pest control, is ideal as they can deliver organic solutions.

Play video games in a pest-free setting for children’s development

Children play always and everywhere in the world. The game is a basic human need, it is enjoyable and fun. In other words: play is vital because play is a basic requirement for all learning processes and active world-appropriation.

It is vital for humans to understand the world in order to be able to exist in it. Children want to understand things. They approach everything new in a completely impartial way and learn by trying things out. In this way, they expand their experience and acquire practical knowledge.

Learning through video games in a pest-free environment makes children happy

Early childhood play has the greatest influence on brain development. Curiosity, the joy of discovery and the associated happiness in the game lead to the activation of the dopamine system. This area of ​​the brain gives things and events around us a lasting meaning.

If playing is of great importance, certain skills are developed naturally, such as concentration, perseverance, motivation and solution orientation. These circuits in the brain decide later in life whether the child likes to devote himself to new tasks, whether he can concentrate on learning and actively seek solutions.

Playing video games in a pest controlled setting is not a minor matter

Playing is a serious activity for children. They act as if the games were real. This is precisely where the educational potential of the game lies. Children always associate a meaning with the game and its content. They are open to new ideas and use their imagination to shape the world according to their own ideas.