Road Trip


Long car journeys are usually due when it finally goes on holiday. A great event is imminent, but until you reach the goal, many hours usually pass. Not to mention a scenario where your car gets into some problem and now you’re stuck in some place Googling “truck towing near me” and waiting for roadside assistance. That will surely make your trip a lot longer!

Unfortunately, boredom is often inevitable for everyone, except the driver. But this does not necessarily have to be so, because fortunately there are a number of great and varied games.

This does not only apply to the children on board, adults also have great opportunities to conquer boredom.

Playing video games provides enough variety and time flies. Thanks to the many great apps that are now available for the smartphone, you also have the opportunity to bridge the boring time sensibly and profitably in the car.

Make paper airplanes, but digitally!

Probably everyone has tried to make a paper plane and then let it glide through the air. Well, in the car the idea is of course not so great, but here the Paper Planes app immediately remedy. This free application makes it possible to fly paper planes virtually around the world. First, mark the location with a stamp on a blank sheet of paper.

Then this just-marked paper is folded into the plane. Then the plane is sent on its journey with a throwing movement of the smartphone. At the same time, however, it is also possible to snatch other paper planes out of the air with the help of a landing net. Then you can see where this plane came from. Then the captured plane gets its own stamp again and is released back into the air.

Meme Generator

With this interactive app, a real laugh is always provided. Here you can create funny memes that you can share with your own friends, for example via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat. Here you can choose your personal favorites from 700 example memes or use your own pictures, which are then provided with funny texts and stickers.

It is possible to crop images with the app, or you can combine several memes into a new meme. It is also possible to add fonts in addition to the existing fonts. In this way, real unique pieces can be created. The following likes are guaranteed to drive away boredom immediately.

With the app, come true for all those dreams who always wanted to be a famous musical star. Here you can choose your personal favorites from millions of tracks and then easily create a lip-sync video.

Then you can equip it with really cool special effects. Once the video is finished, it can of course be shared again with all joys via social networks.


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The Akinator amazes everyone

For many, the Akinator app has long been known as the guarantor of a good mood. Here you think of either a real or a fictional character, the Akinator then tries to guess it. To achieve this, the Akinator asks various questions.

The impressive thing is definitely its high accuracy. This definitely guarantees an absolute fun factor. But the whole thing becomes even funnier and more exciting when you challenge either your fellow travelers or your own friends on the leaderboard and then you compete against each other.

Voice changers provide entertainment

For those who have always wanted to imitate famous voices, such as Darth Vader, or the Ice Age Stars, the voice changer app is just the thing. The fact is that the selection of effects here is so gigantic that it leaves many other applications of this kind far behind.

You can try out more than 25 different variants here. Here you can mimic the drunk or imitate a duck, or you can take over the voice of a hoarse. If you save the audio, you can of course also share them via social networks.

The well-known classic – city, country, river

An indispensable classic in the gaming world is in any case, city, country, river. A city with A or X should be mentioned, ingenious professions are always created, but they do not exist at all.

People become extremely imaginative in this really simple game, which is ultimately the real fun. In a way, there are no limits to creativity here. Even with the digital version, you have to digitally find professions, colors, or body parts with the right initial letter.

Exciting & entertaining audiobooks

Variety to bridge boredom is always an advantageous thing for all passengers in the car. But at some point, the time comes when the concentration decreases, you are actually tired yourself and no longer feel like actively taking action against it. However, this does not mean that boredom must now irrevocably take hold.

Here an audiobook can be a great alternative. You can rest, but boredom is still not an issue, because you can fully engage in the story and immerse yourself in a completely different world. Of course, small portable consoles like the Nintendo Switch Lite also offer variety on long car trips.