The video game business in AU and Internet cafes in Perth WA are currently booming, but concerned citizens want to make commercial cctv mandatory in said venues.

Parents are anxious that their children are being drawn away from their studies by the proliferation of cyber venues across the city. Local officials and community leaders have voiced concerns over cyber criminals who use Internet cafes in perpetrating online scams and malicious posts in social media sites.

The contention is that Internet cafes are permitting people to access Wi-Fi networks, without authenticating the identity and background of users.

Emphasis on CCTVs as Important Components of Security Systems

CCTVs as components of an Internet cafe’s monitoring equipment is crucial to the efficiency of a security system. Since the cameras are capable of maintaining records of individuals, law enforcement agencies can use the camera records in their cyber crime investigations. That way, all Internet cafes operating in Australia will receive advice about persons of interest involved in criminal or malicious online activities.

Circulating and spreading information about criminal elements help curb, or as much as possible, thwart any kind of cyber crimes.

The Importance of Security in AU’s Booming Video Games Industry

In Australia, regardless of the nature of a business, the AU Work Health Safety Laws make it mandatory for Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) to ensure that adequate security equipment and protection measures are in place and in good working condition. The purpose of which is to make their establishment safe for the different kinds of people who go there, be they employees, customers, contractors, suppliers or volunteer workers.

In Perth WA, city officials and community leaders are in partnership with various organizations in launching programs that aim to keep the people safe. As a matter of fact, Perth is the 5th safest city not only in Australia but worldwide as well.

Apparently, the video game industry has been receiving tremendous support from AU state governments. While video games are the staple offerings of Internet cafes, the creative industry itself has been bringing in substantial economic contributions to the country.

Reports have it that in 2021, the country’s growing video game industry contributed as much as $226.5 million. The greater significance of this figure is that about 83% came from foreign markets. Increases in revenues are expected to reach greater heights since AU federal and state governments are offering generous tax incentives on video games development.

To prevent the adverse effects of video games in communities, it’s important for industries to be vigilant in carrying out initiatives and policies concerning Internet security.