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Netflix Developed a Passion for Video Game Development

While Netflix has inspired small streaming companies such as Watched APK (Rokkr), the company is now looking at new avenues of entertainment. At the moment, they are focusing on the gaming development avenue.

A strategy that Arte does not follow: “We want to offer innovative creations that are adapted to digital use,” says Gilles Freissinier. The main thing is to support smaller studios in the production and edition of their games in a gaming scene that is dominated by US and Asian corporations so that European productions with concise, innovative perspectives and stories are available to a large audience to deliver.

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You can now refer to a catalog of ten games, mainly playable on the computer – but also, like the recently released “Unmaze” as a mobile game on the smartphone or like “Vectronom” with Nintendo Switch. All are available through various large gaming platforms such as Steam, Playstation, the Apple Store or Google Play.

Competition pressure is growing

It is not yet known in what form Netflix will offer its games – as online stream, for download, also on other platforms. It seems certain, however, that in the long term only a dedicated platform with sufficiently exclusive content can meet the company’s goals mentioned at the beginning.

Google, Apple and Microsoft have already invested in their own game subscription offers, one of the most popular is Apple Arcade. So while the streaming competition at Amazon Prime is buying Hollywood studio MGM, the next investment at Netflix may be a game production company or studio that delivers its own content.

The number of subscriptions is not increasing as expected

Netflix’s announcement could also be related to the subscription numbers presented in the quarterly report: The number of new customers of the streaming service is lower than ever before – only 1.5 million were gained, the total number of subscriptions rose 209 million worldwide.

Netflix is ​​suffering from its own success: especially in the USA, since the pandemic year 2020 at the latest, the younger target groups in particular have largely subscribed. Attempts are now being made to specifically attract older people to the service, but an expansion of the offer to include games could also convince those who are still undecided in the previous target groups.

Gaming is the pandemic winner

“Video games profited the most during the lockdown period,” confirms Gilles Freissinier: “Not just Fortnite or Animal Crossing – we were able to record 400,000 more downloads than before with our game ‘Homo Machina’, which was released in spring 2020.”

The high number of hits with the first game “Type: Rider”, published in 2013, showed that the games could reach a whole new audience who had not yet come into contact with Arte.

Success has to be evident in the long term

The start into the gaming business for Netflix is ​​therefore very promising – a combination of film and series offers and video games has been tried and tested for many years. The question remains whether Netflix will be able to offer convincing game content in the long term and whether the expansion of the offer can actually be reflected in a concrete increase in users.

Debunking Gamer Stereotypes

These days, most parents are cautious of video games and do not want these things to be part of their children’s lives because they feel that it will negatively affect their children’s academic performance. The problem is that it’s all too easy for people to believe and conclude that those who merely enjoy computer or video games, wherein the theme is all about killing and winning, will develop a harmful proclivity for brutality that will soon corrupt their minds.

What people do not know is that video games have been shown to boost attentiveness, inventiveness, retention, language skills, and cooperation. In fact, some people claimed that after they watched others play video games, they found comfort in it and this helped relaxed their minds. Because of the function it can do in mood regulation and restoration, playing video games have a strong impact on our welfare. This is due to the fact that successful games involve players in a way that satisfies their emotional requirements as individuals. It gives you a sense of independence, aptitude and connectedness. You are able to improve your social skills. You are also able to make your own decisions. If you think about it, these skills are very helpful if we apply it correctly in our daily lives. Truly, it has many benefits too. It is unfair to blame computer and video games for humanity’s absence of awareness. Sometimes, the problem is not because of these games but on how the parents bring up and discipline their children. These stereotypes should stop and people should be more open-minded that not all gamers are negative, anti-social and violent in real life. Not all gamers are bizarre and hermits. You would be shocked to know that some gamers even use gaming as a way to spend quality time with their family and friends.

Just like everything else, too much of anything is really bad. With that being said, computer and video games should not be an obsession and one should know when to stop playing to prioritize other things that are much more important. Moderation is key.

The Advantages of Online Gaming Communities

Friends Playing PC Games


Enter the fashionable gamer – connected to gaming communities like f95 zone through an array of digital social tools built right into the system, with those who share identical passions.

Evident by the breadth of research on the subject of game-based social interactions, many health sciences, and knowledge technology experts nearly always point to a Psychological Sense of Community (PSOC) that’s present in both old and new types of gaming.

Level Skip points to a joint survey by Pew center and therefore the MacArthur Foundation on the cooperative nature of console games. Two-thirds of the young gamers they surveyed said that they play video games as some way to socialize with friends and family face-to-face, including the chance to debate game strategies for either competitive or cooperative play – ultimately some way to boost young people’s conversation skills. And indeed, similar to any group action, games are a good excuse to interact with other humans over a shared interest, irrespective of age, race, or background.


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This is actually what gaming communities are all about. Whether you’re trying to search out the most effective strategies for PUBG Battle Royale, trying to find the simplest RPG or action games on mobile, or want to be the simplest Dungeon Master you’ll be able to be, we’re the web social network you’re trying to find. The goal is to induce you to play the games that may give you the simplest experiences that supported your personal goals and preferences – through engaging with a live and evolving gaming community that shares your passions.

Other than providing both young and old gamers lots of opportunities to earn a paycheck via their skill in a very popular game, the burgeoning communities around Esports allow even more people to participate within the joy of healthy competition. Nick Murphy’s Esports orientate Ladbrokes sheds some light on just how large this community has become, with tens of thousands of players competing in tournaments worldwide. Meanwhile, the favored game streaming site Twitch now boasts 299 million viewers, with expert estimates saying that the quantity could balloon to 427 million worldwide by 2019, because of Esports.

Gaming has come a protracted way from its dark, dank, Mountain Dew-addled days on the stained couch in your parents’ old basement. Today, that basement has been remodeled into a sleek, air-conditioned, and connected recreation room.