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Generating Cash Flow by Playing Video Games

Video games have become such a staple of our culture that they’ve even found their way into the world of finance. You see, video games are now being used as a tool for investing. And not just any video games, but games specifically made for investing. 

These games are known as video games for investors or virtual stock markets. If you’re looking to make money, video games for investors might just be the perfect place for you to look. They’re easily accessible, fun, and can even be lucrative. Read on for more information about video games for investors and how they can help make you rich.

What Is Video Games for Investors?

Video games for investors are simulations that let you buy, sell, and trade stocks as if you were in the real world. The games let you pick a virtual company, then create a budget for its operations. You can then buy and sell stocks that represent the company’s stock market value.

The simulated stock market is generally run by a third-party software developer. The developers charge money for the game and then generally donate a portion of the profits to a charity. Video games for investors are mainly used for educational purposes. However, they’re also being used to trade real stocks and make real money. The games are fun and engaging, since they make simulated investing as easy as playing a video game. Plus, they help people learn more about the stocks they’re trading.

A Quick Guide for anyone Interested

If you’re looking for how to make money with video games for investors, then you’re in for a treat. These simulations are easy to get into and can be profitable. There are two main ways to make money with video games for investors: redeeming gift cards and trading stocks. Then again, if you feel that this is not for you, you always have other options like selling anime clothing, which is also generating a big interest nowadays.

Redeeming Gift Cards and Trading Stocks

Redeeming gift cards is the quicker way to make money with video games for investors. All you have to do is earn enough gift cards to redeem for cash. You can do this by playing the games and earning points or trading stocks. However, trading stocks can be more profitable. This method requires you to buy real stocks, then sell them and make a profit when they increase in value.

Setting Up A Valheim Server Hosting

There are three ways to set up a Valheim Server Hosting. You can host it at the Valheim server, set up a dedicated Valheim server, or you can also rent a Valheim server. Regardless of the method you choose, there are advantages and disadvantages to each. Let’s take a look further.

Use the Valheim server

Probably the easiest way to play together with your friends in Valheim is simply to host the server yourself.

When choosing your world, place the dot next to the “Start Server” option. Underneath you set a password. Your friends can join you via the “Join Game” tab. They just need to enter the password and they will be promoted to your world.


– Free of charge
– Very easy setup
– Less than 1-minute setup time


– The world is only online when you are online to host it
– All players play over your network
– Your system has to carry the entire server load

Set up a dedicated Valheim server

The harder way to play Valheim with your friends is by setting up a dedicated server. You can use a tool from Iron Gate to set up a dedicated server directly in Steam. It may be necessary for you to make special settings on your router for this.

Search for “Valheim” in your Steam Library and you should see the Valheim Dedicated Server Tool. You don’t have to buy that extra. Any player who owns Valheim can also use the tool for free. Watch the video for a guide to setting up a Valheim dedicated server.

Once you start the server, you should get a firewall notification. Check both boxes to allow the server to communicate with the internet. Start the server from your Steam library and wait for the line “Game server connected” to appear.

You should now see your server via the “Join Game” tab. If not, you must make the necessary port settings on your router. To exit the server again, press the key combination CTRL + C. Closing the window with an X can cause the server to continue running in the background.


– Free of charge
– The game no longer needs to be hosted locally on your premises in order to play together with your friends.


– Complicated setup
– The server has to be restarted and shut down for each session.
– Every time the game is updated, the “start_headless_server.bat” file is deleted. You have to put them in the folder again and again.

Rent a Valheim Server Hosting

The most efficient way to set up a server in Valheim is outsourcing. Renting the server saves you the time of setting up a dedicated server and it protects your network and your system because you don’t have to host nine other people.

With large providers such as Nitrado, G-Portal, Host-Unlimited, or 1G Server Host, you can set up a Valheim server without much effort. With some providers, you can choose how many slots the server should have, i.e. how many players can play on the server at the same time. It is very important that you buy a maximum of 10 slots because Valheim supports a maximum of 10 players on one server.

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– Server is not running on your home system or over your network.
– Players can log in at any time without waiting for you.
– You don’t have to set anything on the server for game updates, you can just play.


– The server costs you money.
– After the rental period has expired, you must save your world, otherwise, it will be gone.
– You would have to keep extending the server’s runtime so that you can continue playing with your friends.

How to Afford Video Games and Pet Ownership on a Limited Budget

Video games featuring pets and animals are made more entertaining, regardless of whether the game genre is family-friendly, doomsday apocalyptic or a fantasy world. Pets in video games provide companionship just like they do in real life, which help avid video gamers maintain a more active lifestyle.

Video game enthusiasts who are also animal lovers even if working on a tight budget have no reason to neglect their pet. Presumably, the virtual animals in video games are constant reminder for them to attend to their animal’s needs.

A puppy or adult dog added to a household will lead to several visits to a veterinary clinic. Even if veterinary and health care costs are not major issues, there’s still the costs of regularly feeding the animal, properly grooming it, and occasionally keeping an animal companion entertained,

Average Costs of Keeping Pets and Engaging in Video Games

While these home companions and entertainers are regarded as essential, the related expenses can put a strain to one’s cost of living expenses. A 2020 study conducted in June revealed how U.S gamers in ages ranging between 18 and 34 had spent an average of $166 in video games and $137 in console games for the past 12 months.

In another recent report, it was revealed that dog owners spend an annual minimum of $1500 for pet maintenance. The cost can ever reach up to $10,000 every year based on the dog’s health condition, as well as the dog’s breed.

Moreover, having pets requires multiple veterinarian visits to make sure the animals are healthy, especially during the first two years. Other than veterinary visits, there are also expenses in their grooming, entertainment and food.

Generally, most pet owners are stretching their budget, since intentionally not providing the animal’s needs is not an option. The only options available are the pet products that have offers of rebates and promotional discounts as those would allow them to save some of their budgeted money.

Consider Cash Rewards Offered as Rebates by Elanco

Claim an elanco rebate, it’s a cash reward that the pet product manufacturer gives back as financial incentive to their loyal patrons; knowing fully well that they are spending hard-earned money set aside for the sake of their beloved animal. Elanco also has discount coupons for pet medications for common pet health problems involving parasites, fleas and ticks. Elanco rebates also include some specific products for cats, which loyal customers can check in the website.