Since the spread of the Coronavirus, people chose to stay at home to keep themselves and their families safe.

The situation has been the practice then, and became the new normal today. Travel and entertainment outside had been suspended and now limited. No children and senior citizens are allowed to go outside because their age brackets say to be more vulnerable to be infected. What has been the ways of people to cope with the current situation? What activities are they doing to avoid getting bored?

This simple question, for sure, became a trend when the whole world decided to implement lockdown. Most of the families are used to going out even just to dine. Every week almost everyone allot a day for their families and their means are mostly done outside their homes.

The pandemic taught people that bonding can still be done inside their homes. Family days are not just meant to be conducted through dining out, travelling, malling, and any other activities outside your usual environment. Time with the family could be as simple as eating together at home during meal time. It can also be having a movie marathon or movie night with all the family members. It is as simple as watching your favorite TV show together. Playing with your  children and appreciating their  favorite video games. Staying fit with the whole family through a fitness inspired by Soma in USA. A lot of things can be done with all the family members.

Family time dos not need to be big. It does not need to be expensive and different all the time. Sometimes, knowing that you are safe with your family, you have food on the table, you have enough and most of the time more,  are the best achievements already. Think of if like a reward or a gift already. Not everyone has the same kind of life.