Playing video games are frequently dismissed as main activity for couch potatoes or for the unsophisticated. But little did people know is many of the common facets of its simulated world provide real-world benefits. Whether it is figuring out Roblox music codes, unlocking a puzzle, playing RPG and whatnot, video game benefits are for adults and children.

Improves Manual Dexterity

Games that are controller-based are good for the hands. In a certain study that involves a group of surgeons, researchers discovered that those who are playing video games were actually faster when it comes to executing advanced procedures and committed 37% fewer mistakes compared to those who did not. Special video games have been recommended too as a physical therapy among victims of stroke to regain their control of wrists and hands.

Increases Gray Matter of the Brain

Indeed, gaming is a workout for the mind that brings loads of fun too. Studies showed that playing video games can boost gray matter in our brain and later, boost brain connectivity. Gray matter is important for it’s linked with memories, muscle control, spatial navigation and perception.

Improves Social Skills

People who play video games are being stereotyped as being timid and shy. That they are using the simulated world as an escape to the real world. But in reality, it’s not what average gamers look like.

Past studies involving children learned that those who are playing video games more are likely to develop exceptional social skills, build better and strong relationships among peers and perform remarkably well on their academics.

Better Problem-Solving Skills 

Multi-level games, mission-based and open world are all designed similar to complex puzzles that demand hours to solve. In some cases, the solution will vary depending on the player’s action in the game they’re playing. Being able to know how to think on your own and create strategy in a fast-paced simulated environment is a skill translatable to the real world.

Promote Physical Activity

A lot of major gaming consoles are now equipped with the technology to get players off of their feet. This is possible with the integration of VR games and literally took whole gaming experience to a different height.