The luxury fashion brand Balenciaga and one of the biggest game development companies Epic Games announce their collaboration for the video game “Fortnite.” The most popular characters in the game slip into the looks of the collection “Balenciaga-Chic” – of course, the clothes are also available in real life!

As an example, one of the characters, which is a dog, wears a hoodie, that can be bought for a paltry 725 dollars in selected Balenciaga stores and on, as reports. And believe me, the clothes available are as gorgeous as the ones that Cottagecore Outfits has to offer and you can also check it out on their website!

Collaboration between fashion and video games

But that and the digital clothing set are not enough to make children aware of the luxury brand Balenciaga. In the game “Fortnite,” the community has created a “Strange Times” center.

In it, you can discover a virtual Balenciaga store that is based on those from the real world. However, the said store and the new hub are located in a strange city. In the course of the week, both will be updated to present the fashion campaign on the billboards.


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Fashion watching in video games

In addition to the outfits, such popular characters as Ramirez and Pugser are also equipped with Balenciaga back accessories, pickaxes, and other elements that allow them to express themselves in a completely new and unique way.

The live lookbook campaign can be seen in the game until September 23 at 6 p.m. Until September 28 at 4 p.m., the “Strange Times” center and two orders for the Balenciaga collaboration are available.

But we are sure that the clothes will remain available in the real shops for longer. After all, the brands want one thing above all with their campaign: to make money … There, you can check out and admire the characters in their new clothes!