Demanding PC games require your full attention and concentration. That is why it is crucially important that you are not disturbed or distracted by anything especially not because of a sore back or neck.

Important features of a gaming chair

Ergonomics should actually be much more important than design when it comes to seating for gaming. It decides whether you can still sit relaxed and without pain even after many hours in front of the computer. Thus, gaming room ideas that also focuses on health benefits play a vital role.

Most important properties

  • Precisely adjustable to your body measurements
  • Seating mechanism that supports your back ideally even in all three dimensions for dynamic sitting
  • Adjustable armrests for relaxed neck and shoulder muscles
  • Robust processing designed for our body dimensions

gaming room ideas

Which setting options are mandatory and which are optional?

With some chairs, you can adjust almost nothing at all and with others almost everything.

Mandatory: seat height – it must be adjustable so that there is at least a 90 degree angle between your thighs and lower legs

Mandatory: adjustable and flexible backrest – it helps you to lean back and relax

Freestyle: seat depth adjustment – with this, the seat can be adjusted to the length of your thighs.

Freestyle: adjustable seat inclination – a seat that is inclined downwards is particularly helpful when sitting very close to the screen

Seat mechanics – ergonomic

This is actually the most important property of an ergonomic chair and is unfortunately sorely neglected in many cheap gaming chairs. The seat mechanism is responsible for ensuring that the backrest and seat are not rigid, but rather flexibly support your body when moving and leaning back on the chair.

Armrests are important

Regardless of whether you work on the computer or gamble, as soon as you use the mouse and keyboard for a long time, armrests are mandatory. They relieve your shoulder and neck muscles and can thus prevent tension and pain. In order for them to be able to do this, they have to be set up correctly.

The right chair for every weight

Like office chairs, gaming chairs are suitable for a certain weight class. Especially when you are heavier than the average person, you have to make sure that the chair is designed for it. If this is not the case, there is not only a risk of a defect in the chair, but above all the mechanics are not designed for the weight and cannot support you accordingly. Pain and discomfort are often the result.