Playing video games like F95zone and making money are now possible these days. The thing is, it may be a little bit difficult to achieve. There are numerous people who follow this route and eventually give up since the work aspect is killing the fun. Rather than doing what they really love, they often end up hating it. Remember, for every success story, there are countless of other aspiring gamers who have tried and failed.

Making a living by playing a video game isn’t always the first option unless you are single, young and willing to devote years of your time without knowing whether it will be a success or not. In the next lines are some ways that you could do to earn money while playing video games.

Live Stream Your Game Play and Get Paid

Anyone could stream their gameplay in real-time for everyone else to see. Focus on building a big audience that can be monetized with ads. If not, then try to establish a loyal audience that you could monetize for subscriptions and donations. Right now, the most popular platform among gamers is Twitch but there are other options available too like YouTube.

Getting Started

Luckily, to start your journey here, all you have to do is to ensure you have good games that people would love to watch, a decent computer, a cool personality and of course, your streaming software.

See to it that your internet’s upload speed is fast enough to prevent any lags while you are streaming.

Review Games

Do you consider yourself as a writer? Either you launch your own blog or join an existing site and write reviews, news as well as interviews for specific games. If writing for an existing site is what you prefer, then you could be paid per article as a freelancer. On the other hand, if you are planning to start your own blog, then you may monetize the traffic with ads, subscriptions or anything similar.

Do Tutorials and Guides

A lot of newbies are fond of reading guides on the game they are playing, particularly for PVP and multiplayer games.