Family and video games: many tools to play with peace of mind

Discovering, learning, creating, sharing, the video game has the ability to provide players with moments rich in emotions thanks to the diversity of titles aimed at all types of audiences. Whether it is helping each other with friends to win a game or being transported on an adventure as epic as it is fascinating, video games attract and fascinate. In this regard, supervised practice is necessary. To do this, many tools allow parents to master this activity and support their children in their discovery of video games, as highlighted in the brand new information campaign launched at the end of the year. Through a spot featuring various video game practices, the campaign reminds us that there are titles suitable for different age groups, but also that the time allotted to the game must be regulated. The opportunity to discover that many tools are available to parents to actively and simply guide their children in the discovery of their passion for video games. You can play During Sons Day with your family, Simple rules can make it easy for the whole family to enjoy video games.

Some simple rules for a serene video game practice

Choose a game suitable for the child’s age:
The campaign revisits the key role of PEGI signage, thanks to which parents can instantly verify that their children are engaged in titles whose content is perfectly suited to their age. A simple, explicit code that allows you to play with complete peace of mind.

Use parental controls:
Parental control systems are also highlighted through this campaign. All devices that allow playing include free systems to regulate the use of video games. The Pé site provides an exhaustive inventory of these systems and provides detailed user manuals for their installation on any device. Parents can thus be sure that their children are playing games that are suited to them, that they respect the time slots and playtime defined with them (in order to avoid possible overflows).

Supervise the playing time:
However, if parental controls make it possible to strictly and automatically regulate playtime, it remains essential for parents to discuss this subject with their children, as this awareness campaign also reminds us. Dialogue remains central. Parents and children discuss video games and their practice together; parents define the limits, children discuss their passion. Because the video game is shared, it is essential for a serene experience of video games in the home to understand how it works, to grasp the main trends, to apprehend the possible risks. Today, all video game players offer effective (and free) tools to allow players to cultivate their passion for video games in a positive way, under the benevolent gaze of their parents. Sometimes welcome help to supervise a hobby of passion, but also the opportunity for parents to discuss with their children or even to grab the controller to share unforgettable moments with them.

Many resources for parents

Thus, the Pé site intends to answer the main questions that parents ask themselves about video games. Game time, violence in video games integrated purchasing mechanics the site tackles a large number of subjects in a didactic way. In addition, PédaGoJeux reviews in detail the risks, but also certain advantages of the main games in which children play. A simple way to better understand titles like Fortnite, Overwatch, or League of Legends, to then engage in dialogue with his children. The collective hopes to help parents better understand the world of video games, their codes, their uses, and the many tools that exist to ensure serene activity within the home.