The video games industry has achieved massive growth in the last decade, as gamers today include both young and adult generations in varying compositions. The latest estimation is that there are 2.2 billion people who engage in video gaming on a more or less regular basis; of which as many as 1 billion spend money not only on video games but other related products and services. If you’re contemplating on joining affiliate marketing programs focused on video gaming, you don’t have to be cowed by the thought of competing against skilled gamers in this niche. There’s a wide range of products and services with which you can use your talent in creating content for marketing and promotional purposes.

Besides, top level gamers already earn lucratively by live streaming their games at social media sites like YouTube and Twitch. Video games have actually changed in more ways than one, as there are now educational materials developed in gaming formats. Social simulated video games appeal to a broad demographics of players regardless of age and gender. Even better still is that even if you can’t spend a great deal of time to play games, there are affiliate marketing programs that support the promotions of game-related merchandise and services

Examples of Companies Offering Gaming Related Merchandise or Services

Razer – Everyone who is into gaming is familiar with this brand, as it manufacturers all sorts of accessories aimed at enhancing the playing experience of both casual and hardcore players. Razer products are popular as high performance gadgets, from gaming laptops, gaming consoles, keyboards, mouse and gaming chairs all designed to optimize hours spent by gamers in front of gaming equipment or device, by focusing on comfort as key feature.

The company runs its own affiliate marketing program that pays commission on every product purchased by referrals of registered affiliate marketers.

Alienware – This is another company that does not require elaborate introduction especially to video game players. While the Alienware is best known for manufacturing powerful PCs suitable for serious video gamers, it is also one of the firsts to develop gaming laptops that are thin and light enough to bring anywhere. Now if you’re looking to find work as an affiliate marketer of Alienware products, you have to register with Dell, the parent company of Alienware.

Zygor Guides – Video games nowadays are quite challenging. Yet the more challenging and difficult the game, the greater the popularity and demand for such games.

To help sustain players’ interest and fascination for these kinds of games, Zygor Guides offer tutorials to help struggling video game players gain experience. In-game guides enable players to level up and collect gold as quickly and efficiently as possible.

While these are only examples of other aspects that you could explore as potential sources of affiliate marketing income, it would be to your advantage to find out from experts how to use your gaming knowledge in creating effective marketing strategies and content. In Southern California, digital marketing guru Jeff Lerner reviews some of the approaches used by different marketers, and from there provides insights on how they can become successful in the field of affiliate marketing.