Video games featuring pets and animals are made more entertaining, regardless of whether the game genre is family-friendly, doomsday apocalyptic or a fantasy world. Pets in video games provide companionship just like they do in real life, which help avid video gamers maintain a more active lifestyle.

Video game enthusiasts who are also animal lovers even if working on a tight budget have no reason to neglect their pet. Presumably, the virtual animals in video games are constant reminder for them to attend to their animal’s needs.

A puppy or adult dog added to a household will lead to several visits to a veterinary clinic. Even if veterinary and health care costs are not major issues, there’s still the costs of regularly feeding the animal, properly grooming it, and occasionally keeping an animal companion entertained,

Average Costs of Keeping Pets and Engaging in Video Games

While these home companions and entertainers are regarded as essential, the related expenses can put a strain to one’s cost of living expenses. A 2020 study conducted in June revealed how U.S gamers in ages ranging between 18 and 34 had spent an average of $166 in video games and $137 in console games for the past 12 months.

In another recent report, it was revealed that dog owners spend an annual minimum of $1500 for pet maintenance. The cost can ever reach up to $10,000 every year based on the dog’s health condition, as well as the dog’s breed.

Moreover, having pets requires multiple veterinarian visits to make sure the animals are healthy, especially during the first two years. Other than veterinary visits, there are also expenses in their grooming, entertainment and food.

Generally, most pet owners are stretching their budget, since intentionally not providing the animal’s needs is not an option. The only options available are the pet products that have offers of rebates and promotional discounts as those would allow them to save some of their budgeted money.

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Claim an elanco rebate, it’s a cash reward that the pet product manufacturer gives back as financial incentive to their loyal patrons; knowing fully well that they are spending hard-earned money set aside for the sake of their beloved animal. Elanco also has discount coupons for pet medications for common pet health problems involving parasites, fleas and ticks. Elanco rebates also include some specific products for cats, which loyal customers can check in the website.