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Tired And Stressed With Your Move – Play A Video Game

Moving to a new home can be a very exciting event in one’s life, whether it’s for a new job opportunity, for a different scenery, or for other personal reasons. However, relocating can be tiring and stressful as well with all the packing, transporting, and unpacking that you need to do.

Hire A Reliable Mover For A Stress-Free Move

Thankfully, there are reliable movers in your area, such as local moving company orange county ca, that you can hire to help you in your move. When hiring the full services of a professional moving company, they help you with the inventory, packing, transporting and the unpacking of your belongings into your new home. And if you’re looking for a storage facility, some provide such service as well where they offer a secure, climate controlled and supervised storage area to make certain your belongings are protected and safe.

If you want to have a quick, hassle-free and stress-free moving experience, your best option is to hire an experienced moving company. Not only will your move be smooth but you also keep your belongings safe and intact. So, when in orange county, check out local moving company orange county ca for your moving or storage needs.

Take A Break, Play A Video Game And Lessen Stress

While a reliable moving company can greatly help you with your move, you will still feel some stress and exhaustion especially when you begin unpack your things and put all of your belongings to where they should go. When you feel exhausted and stressed, have a break and give time for your body and mind to rest. One way to do this is to play some video games.

According to many studies, playing video games can be a great way to relive stress. To better understand how this activity can reduce stress levels, let’s have a look at some of the ways playing video games influence our minds.

  • Video games are undoubtedly engaging, entertaining and enjoyable which drops stress levels.
  • When playing video games, dopamine is released making you feel good and happy.
  • Video games present sets of challenges wherein you are rewarded when you are able to solve them, leading to feelings of accomplishment and competence.
  • Gaming can bring about a flow state, something that is comparable to meditation.
  • Certain video games can be a channel for you to express your creativity, which can be beneficial to the brain.

Video games as a part of gamers culture

There is no longer a gamer scene. Video games have jumped out of their niche and are a real mass phenomenon. In order to be part of the culture, you don’t necessarily have to gamble yourself.

First movers and casual gamers

Here players can try out the unfinished games together with the developers. First movers are also characterized by the fact that they are more likely to have new technologies in their computers, such as virtual reality glasses or particularly powerful graphics cards.

Opposite there are the so-called casual gamers. This area is less about excellence than entertainment. Even the latest hardware is not necessary, many play older titles, games with few hardware requirements, or small online games in the browser. Online gamers are the third type of player base.

Some people dedicate themselves to a title for a long time, regularly play evolving games like “Eve Online” or “World Of Warcraft” for many years, and identify strongly with them. There is also still the classic player. In this group, a game is bought, played through, then the next one comes in turn.

The link to individual titles has now been extended. One of the reasons for this is the trend that games continue to be supplied with content even after they have appeared – often for a fee.

Gamers are also spending more money on additional virtual content. A new sword or more levels for your favorite game, new “Candy Crush” coins or “Pokémon” food and other additional goods for free-to-play games that are actually free.

Games for mobile devices

The playground equipment they choose is as varied as the composition of the players.

More and more titles are being developed for mobile devices, big titles such as “The Witcher“, “The Sims” or the “Fallout” series have long since had mobile offshoots for those who prefer to play something on the side and do not want to immerse themselves in digital worlds for hours.

Mobile players, play more games, but instead they play for a shorter time, just occasionally. In the app stores of Apple and Google you can find countless games, many of them after the free-to-play principle. For the classic gaming PC, this means a relative decline in the favor of gamers.

One plays, others watch

The Internet and social media have also ensured that video games are no longer played alone on a computer or console, but are often played together with others. In addition to classic multiplayer via the Internet, another part of playing together is becoming increasingly important: streaming.

One plays, others watch. Or many play against each other and even more watch. Via platforms such as Twitch, YouTube Gaming or Mixer, players can easily broadcast their scenes online for everyone – sometimes as a pure live stream, sometimes with live commentary and a high entertainment factor.

Participation in the gaming culture
There are now enough points of contact for people who may not have the fastest fingers on the controller but are enthusiastic about characters and stories in increasingly complex video game productions. Be it as a viewer of a stream or of events on-site like Convert wherein you can watch your live streaming clearly  , where other players measure their strength.

“American Truck Simulator” Game Celebrated Its 5th Anniversary

Last Feb. 02, the makers of “American Truck Simulator’ (ATS) celebrated the video game’s 5th anniversary, by adding new chassis options for all current trucks. To provide ATS fans insights about the new update, a 5th Anniversary Live-Stream was rolled out to showcase the new chassis options.

Since the time the game was released in 2016, ATS gamers have driven their trucks in 9 simulated U.S States, choosing from 7 major truck brands and via 13 downloadable contents (DLC’s).

The anniversary live-stream rolled out at Twitch, Youtube, and Steam to which ATS fans were able to celebrate by way of games held during the eve of the ATS 5th year celebration.

The game has a huge audience as it has inspired many to become real-life truck drivers, which helps the industry from having a continuing source of future drivers. Many are excited over the upcoming addition of 4×2, 8×6, and 8×2 chassis as these are the types utilized for various kinds of trailers.

About the Truck Driving Simulation Game

SCS Software the maker of American Truck Simulator creates adventure games that allow players to virtually experience driving huge trucking rigs across the country. Actually, truck driving is not the only experience that ATS gamers came to love about the game because the driving adventure is also business goal-oriented.

Players can get hauling contracts and start loading their tractor-trailer and get paid well in the game. The game initializes by opening up a big transportation company in just hours. In order to “succeed” in attaining their business goals, players must drive safely and avoid traffic violations and accidents when in the process of delivering cargo. To ensure the goods will be delivered in good condition and on time, the driver-business operators must make important and smart economic decisions.

According to SCS Software’s CEO Pavel Sebor, their game designers worked hard to mimic the physical forces truck operators experience when driving an 18-wheeler truck. Furthermore environments are presented in realistic-looking graphics, traffic simulation and detailed 3D truck models. The game also follows the rules of the road to promote safe driving and at the same time, encourages experimentation and exploration.

Using Google Street View, designers were able to easily and accurately add reference points and landmarks.

About the Company Behind the ATS

SCS Software is a Czech company that is known for their simulation games, which mimic real life activities, particularly truck driving. The company has already received an award from EuroTra, for encouraging the advantages of education and of training future truck operators

As a matter of fact, American Truck Simulator isn’t even the most popular of SCS’ simulator games, because its European version, Euro Truck Simulator 2, still ranks as the top performing game. Nonetheless, American Truck Simulator has sold more than 2 million copies by way of Steam alone.

The first edition of the game brought adventure challenges that covered only the roads, landscapes and landmarks in California and Nevada. Today’s skilled ATS gamers must now know how it feels towing san jose, california’s illegally parked and abandoned cars,