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Video Games: Another Tool to Teach

They say that computer games teach only bad things – to shoot, kill or steal cars, that computer games cause aggression, deviant behavior and personality degradation. But is it really that bad? Maybe games have a bright side and can teach us good things? The news is often full of negative news about games: the teenager who staged the massacre at school played Doom and Painkiller; shooter on the Dark Knight movie premiere – in the brutal World of Warcraft.

Video games are often blamed for these incidents.

It is clear that the player can develop addiction , which leads to such dire consequences. But you can’t blame video games for everything. The cause may be family problems , a mental disorder, or, sadly, the real world itself. Turn on the TV: the news is one more terrible than the other.

The problem is smaller – the child is too addicted to games and forgets about studying . Here the games are already scolded by parents and teachers. A young gamer’s gadget is confiscated, access to a computer is restricted, and ultimatums are given. In general, too little pleasant.

What Games Can Really Teach

In fact, games can also be educational, not just entertaining . For example, Minecraft Education Edition. Designed specifically for school use, the project is applied in teaching a variety of subjects. And even if all this happens in a cubic world, the platform’s scale of application is impressive. On the project website, you can download ready-made worlds and find a lesson plan.

Of course, to use the game in learning, you need an equipped classroom and training of teachers. But such learning will bring new experiences to both students and teachers. After all, this is not only computer science, but also many other school subjects. The solution, in fact, is ingenious in its simplicity – to take what children love and convey knowledge through it.

Lab Research

New research suggests that real-time strategy games can dramatically improve the ability to make decisions and actions quickly, and learn from past mistakes. This once again confirms the possibility of developing cognitive abilities in humans with the help of video games.

Video games have many features, they have a positive effect on the plasticity of the brain, its learning ability, attention, vision and much more. It is necessary to study these influences more deeply in order to create games that will contribute to education in the future.

Different video games have different effects on the human brain, and to find out for sure exactly how a particular game changes the perception of reality, it is necessary to conduct a separate scientific laboratory study on each of them. One thing is for sure : video games are a powerful tool, and you need to learn how to use it correctly. And if you have squirrels being a bother, hiring squirrel removal can deal with that.

Tired And Stressed With Your Move – Play A Video Game

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Take A Break, Play A Video Game And Lessen Stress

While a reliable moving company can greatly help you with your move, you will still feel some stress and exhaustion especially when you begin unpack your things and put all of your belongings to where they should go. When you feel exhausted and stressed, have a break and give time for your body and mind to rest. One way to do this is to play some video games.

According to many studies, playing video games can be a great way to relive stress. To better understand how this activity can reduce stress levels, let’s have a look at some of the ways playing video games influence our minds.

  • Video games are undoubtedly engaging, entertaining and enjoyable which drops stress levels.
  • When playing video games, dopamine is released making you feel good and happy.
  • Video games present sets of challenges wherein you are rewarded when you are able to solve them, leading to feelings of accomplishment and competence.
  • Gaming can bring about a flow state, something that is comparable to meditation.
  • Certain video games can be a channel for you to express your creativity, which can be beneficial to the brain.

Video games as a part of gamers culture

There is no longer a gamer scene. Video games have jumped out of their niche and are a real mass phenomenon. In order to be part of the culture, you don’t necessarily have to gamble yourself.

First movers and casual gamers

Here players can try out the unfinished games together with the developers. First movers are also characterized by the fact that they are more likely to have new technologies in their computers, such as virtual reality glasses or particularly powerful graphics cards.

Opposite there are the so-called casual gamers. This area is less about excellence than entertainment. Even the latest hardware is not necessary, many play older titles, games with few hardware requirements, or small online games in the browser. Online gamers are the third type of player base.

Some people dedicate themselves to a title for a long time, regularly play evolving games like “Eve Online” or “World Of Warcraft” for many years, and identify strongly with them. There is also still the classic player. In this group, a game is bought, played through, then the next one comes in turn.

The link to individual titles has now been extended. One of the reasons for this is the trend that games continue to be supplied with content even after they have appeared – often for a fee.

Gamers are also spending more money on additional virtual content. A new sword or more levels for your favorite game, new “Candy Crush” coins or “Pokémon” food and other additional goods for free-to-play games that are actually free.

Games for mobile devices

The playground equipment they choose is as varied as the composition of the players.

More and more titles are being developed for mobile devices, big titles such as “The Witcher“, “The Sims” or the “Fallout” series have long since had mobile offshoots for those who prefer to play something on the side and do not want to immerse themselves in digital worlds for hours.

Mobile players, play more games, but instead they play for a shorter time, just occasionally. In the app stores of Apple and Google you can find countless games, many of them after the free-to-play principle. For the classic gaming PC, this means a relative decline in the favor of gamers.

One plays, others watch

The Internet and social media have also ensured that video games are no longer played alone on a computer or console, but are often played together with others. In addition to classic multiplayer via the Internet, another part of playing together is becoming increasingly important: streaming.

One plays, others watch. Or many play against each other and even more watch. Via platforms such as Twitch, YouTube Gaming or Mixer, players can easily broadcast their scenes online for everyone – sometimes as a pure live stream, sometimes with live commentary and a high entertainment factor.

Participation in the gaming culture
There are now enough points of contact for people who may not have the fastest fingers on the controller but are enthusiastic about characters and stories in increasingly complex video game productions. Be it as a viewer of a stream or of events on-site like Convert wherein you can watch your live streaming clearly  , where other players measure their strength.