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Dealing With A Husband Who’s Addicted to Video Games

When you first got wedded, your partner couldn’t stop from cuddling you. Now, you are wondering why he can’t keep his hands off of his PS5 controller. And even if he constantly brushes it off as no big deal, if his video game is going in the way of your marriage, let’s accept it: This is a dilemma. Consider these below to strengthen your relationship.

1. Recognize That Gaming Is a Game, Not the Villain.

When you’re sensing that you are wound up, you proceed on a ten-mile bike ride. When he’s feeling anxious, he opens up his Nintendo Switch. And yet, if he raged that your busted bike riding was going in the way of your relationship, you’d apparently laugh him out of the room. And while biking clearly has substantial benefits that gaming doesn’t, you are both allowed—and promoted—to have different hobbies.

2. BEGIN the Conversation After He’s DONE Gaming.

We are aware, it’s alluring to talk about your views as soon as he begins playing. (“Ugh, do you actually need to do that now? I want you to do a lot of laundry.”) But believe us, this method is going to do more harm than great. Alternatively, wait until he is finished, when neither of you are confused, and you can have a quiet, face-to-face chat about it.

3. Recommend an Agreement.

We don’t want to tell to you, but “stop playing video games forever” isn’t a reasonable request. (Sorry.) Alternatively, say how you feel and clearly describe what could make you feel better. Here’s an example of how your conversation will go:

Wife: Hi, do you have a minute?

Husband: Sure, what’s up?

You: I know you absolutely enjoy playing video games as a stress reliever after work, but when I’m cooking dinner and you don’t ask if I want help, it makes me feel unappreciated. I know you’re exhausted and want to relax, but I struggled all day, too. It would certainly help me if you dived in at dinnertime, and then you can do it later.

Him: Sure, that’s totally fine. My bad you weren’t feeling valued, I didn’t know.

Gaming (Even In Long Hours) Could Be Good For Your Child

After spending so much time on the screen, playing long hours on a game console, you no longer want to go out. Sometimes, you tend to be really addicted.

Gaming is considered to be taboo for many parents. So they would rather seek alternative entertainment (consider these) for their children than allow them to play video games. However, behavioral psychology experts say this is not necessarily a bad thing.

The behavioral psychology study of the social outcomes of games focused on the three-year gaming behavior of 600 young people.

The bottom line shows that games are more social than people think. See, children are not playing alone. They actually play with friends, they play with people in groups, and they play together as a team.

Why You SHOULD Let Kids Play Video Games!

So, here are 5 reasons kids can play on the game console.

  1. They like it.
  2. They learned something from it. Common sense has been updated to improve language knowledge.
  3. This is a safe experimental method, such as exploring the (different) part of your personality.
  4. This is part of their social life. Hall said that if you don’t let the kid play games, you can miss the conversation.
  5. Game connection. “We share experiences as if we were going to Efteling together.”

Fight the Feeling of Loneliness

He discovered that playing together can eliminate loneliness. He asks young people every year how lonely they are. “Among those who play most video games, we are becoming more and more lonely. Young people who play most games with others are really not alone.”

Gaming: A Popular Hobby

According to statistics, gaming is a popular hobby. In elementary school, 89% of elementary school students play occasionally and 38% play every day. In secondary education, this rate is slightly lower. 68% to 75% of people say they play games occasionally, and 27% play games every day.

Boys play games longer than girls. For girls playing games, nearly two-thirds (63%) play less than an hour per day, which is lower compared to 19% of boys. A fifth (21%) of boys playing games play more than 4 hours a day, while only 7% girls.

Screen Time

Whether playing games or not, many parents worry that all games impact their children negatively. They prefer them to play with other kids and friends outside. This concern from parents is understandable but experts said parents need not worry about screen times.

“The amount of time a child plays isn’t really that important as long as the play alternates with other activities.”

This is also a problem when young people start playing games to get out of reality. When they tend to escape from reality by playing video games that allow them to forget about their problems.

It is impossible to conclude that playing video games is good or bad for young people. It really depends on what they play and who they play it with. With the ability to play with other gamers in real-time, this sounds like something good for young people. After all, it is still called interactive, a way for them to socialize although in a whole different way.

Wildlife Preservation And Conservation In Video Games

When wildlife, such as bats, raccoons, and squirrels, get into residential properties and aren’t removed promptly, they can get too comfortable, create their nests, breed, become an infestation and cause expensive damage to your home and property. Furthermore, they can also carry and spread unwanted diseases which can be detrimental to your health and other members of your family.

Dealing With Wildlife

If and when you discover wildlife in your property, it is best to contact a wildlife removal professional in your area, such as so that can deal with the situation and the animals with utmost caution and care. Furthermore, you can learn a thing or two from them as to how to make certain that they don’t return to your home.

While wildlife can be an irritation and cause damage, a lot of them are essential and play a crucial role in the ecosystem. For instance, many bat species, although they look scary, are vital in pollinating as well as dispersing seeds of numerous plants which are imperative to people. In fact, the population of bats is a major natural sign of the health of our environment.

With climate change and the destruction of the environment, a lot of wildlife seek food and shelter in residential and commercial properties. Sadly, some people are even unaware of the destruction they cause which not only affect animals but people too. But thankfully, there are people and industries that take steps and efforts to spread awareness about wildlife and the environment.

Teaching Wildlife And Environmental Conservation And Preservation Through Video Games

When the bush fires in December 2019 raged across Australia, Space Ape video game players extended their concern and how they could help. The company promptly place an in-game purchase to numerous of its video game titles, wherein all the profits went to humanitarian or wildlife charities in the area.

On the other hand, other smaller video game creators develop video games that actually spread awareness on wildlife and environmental preservation and conservation. From video games exploring the oceans, the forest, video games showing the significance of bees and taking care of animals and of course the environment. This goes to show that video games aren’t only for entertainment but for educating as well.